Preparing for Upper School in Middle School

Being caught in the middle is no fun – unless you’re an ICCS middle school student.  With years of middle school teaching experience, our teachers know when to comfort the child and when to reason with the emerging young adult. 

Our middle school students are introduced to higher-level mathematics, work in a fully equipped science lab, study computer science, and still manage traditional activities, such as spelling and geography bees.  They minister at school liturgies, participate in social events and enjoy competing on our sports teams.

ICCS middle school graduates are prepared for the next level and go on to excel in some of the best high schools in Memphis.  The vast majority of our graduating eighth-grade boys enroll in Christian Brothers High School, while their female classmates overwhelmingly choose to stay at ICCS and enroll in our all-girl upper school.


Algebra I
Pre-Algebra 7/8
Math 7th/8th
Math 6th


Religion 6th/7th
Family Life 7th
Religion 8th


6th Grade Earth Science Curriculum
7th Grade Life Science


6th grade
Enhancement: Writing Roadmap / Enrichment Class / Accelerated Reader

7th grade
Enhancement: Writing Roadmap / Enrichment class / Media Arts

8th grade

Enhancement: Writing Roadmap / Enrichment class / Media Arts

Social Studies

6th Grade
Social Studies
Latin - Cambridge Latin Course DVD Program

7th Grade
American History I

8th Grade
American History II

Visual Arts Curriculum

Physical Education