Laying the Foundation in Lower School 

Lower school is where the foundations of education are laid.  This is where gifts and strengths are recognized and challenged, and difficulties identified and addressed.  This is where success begins.

ICCS's teachers are educational veterans and fresh newcomers with centuries of combined experience and knowledge of new technologies and teaching strategies.  Whether in the classroom or on the playing field, our students are encouraged to perform at their highest level.  

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Enhancement/Enrichment
  • Class Science Fair Participation
  • Social Studies
  • Religion
  • Visual Arts Curriculum
  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Foreign Language

"Wonders" ELA Curriculum

In the 2021-2022 academic year, ICCS will be implementing the Wonders ELA curriculum in grades K-8. Wonders, a comprehensive literacy solution, is designed to meet the challenges of today’s classroom and reach all learners. A wealth of research-based print and digital resources provide unmatched support for building strong literacy foundations, accessing complex fiction and nonfiction texts, writing to sources, and building social emotional learning skills. Whether in the core classroom, an English language learner, or benefiting from intervention support, Wonders provides students equity of access to rich texts and rigorous instruction.

Wonders and McGraw Hill are proud to collaborate with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization, to provide an integrated approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies within the Wonders curriculum. Positive SEL provides young learners the critical competencies to experience success in school and life with understanding, flexibility, support, and resiliency. Learn more about our Sesame Workshop relationship.

Wonders has received all green scores from the independent curriculum review organization!

Spanish Intensity Classes

ICCS is one of the few Memphis-area schools offering Spanish intensity classes in our Preschool and Lower School.  Using music, interactive exercises, videos and games,  students as young as 3 years old learn a second language at an age when studies show foreign language skills are more easily developed.

Our Spanish intensity classes lay the foundation for advanced foreign language skills in Middle and High School. By the time your child enters the sixth grade, he or she will have a firm grasp on a second language and will be poised to expand his or her Spanish language skills in our Middle School Spanish program.