ICCS Fit for Faith

All-Student Fundraiser

April 2021

As we begin to "spring into April," ICCS is springing into our end-of -year fundraiser -- Fit for Faith (formerly Run for Faith).   Here’s how it works:  Fit for Faith is a fitness challenge for our students that they will participate in during their PE classes the week of April 12th.  Each student will enlist relatives, friends, and family members to sponsor them in the challenge.

A sponsor can make a donation for a specific day in the month of April.  If you choose to sponsor a student on April 1st, you would donate $1.  If you choose April 15th, you would donate $15, etc. Of course, you may sponsor more than one day, and you also have the option to sponsor an entire week.  April 12th through April 16th is the week our students will be participating in Fit for Faith.  Fit for Faith days are “double-down” days.  If you choose a day in that week, the donation is double the date. For example, the April 12th donation would be $24.00.  Again, you can choose to sponsor the entire week or more than one day.  The idea is to have sponsorships for every day of the month.

If you don't have a specific student to sponsor but want to support our school, you may choose a grade from the list to sponsor.

CLICK HERE to go to the donation form.

Thank you for supporting the wonderful students of Immaculate Conception Cathedral School!