ICCS to Continue On-Campus Classes After Christmas Break

Memphis-area Catholic Schools will continue to offer on-campus classes after the new year, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis announced yesterday.  The Diocese made the decision after a careful review of COVID-19 cases in the Catholic School system showed a low number of students, faculty, and staff testing positive for the virus. Immaculate Conception Cathedral School will continue to offer families the choice to either send their children to campus or enroll in distance learning. ... Read More
Posted by June LaPorta at Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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Pre-K Students' Christmas Chains Reward Good Choices

Mrs. Copous helped her PK students put together their Christmas Chains in the hallway this morning. For each good decision a student makes this week, he or she will get a green or red link with the good decision written on it. The more good decisions made, the longer the links! The chains are assembled with alternating green and red links, also giving the students a lesson in color. Read More
Posted by June LaPorta at Wednesday, December 16, 2020
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