ICCS Campus Celebrates Fine Arts Week

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School students and alumnae showcased their talents and celebrated the arts during the all-campus Fine Arts Week March 6-10.  The annual event kicked off on Monday with a performance from the CBHS Jazz Band and their lead vocalist, ICCS senior Emmeline Ramirez.  Other music-centered activities included a performance from the lower and middle school choir and vocal performances from ICCS alumnae Terry Starr, Dagmar Bergen and Annie Freres. 
The dramatic arts were spotlighted with a 5th-grade Spanish play, an acting seminar for high school students led by CBU theater professor Matthew Hammer, and a middle school Shakespearean play.  Visual arts were also emphasized as students and visitors enjoyed a display of artwork from lower and middle school students throughout the week. 
High school and middle school students wrapped up the week with a focus on creative writing; the high school held an “open-mic” poetry night that featured students and visiting writers, and middle school students held a daytime poetry reading. 
Photos:  ICCS 5th-graders gather after performing a Spanish-language play for the lower and middle school. 
ICCS senior Emmeline Ramirez performs with the CBHS Jazz Band last Monday, the first day of the ICCS all-campus Fine Arts Week. 
Posted by June LaPorta at 10:21 AM
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