ICCS Celebrates Las Posadas

This morning, the Cathedral school and Parish Staff celebrated Las Posadas, a religious festival celebrated in Mexico and other Latino countries!
Las Posadas, meaning "the inn" in English, commemorates the journey Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe refuge where Mary could give birth to baby Jesus.
Our 6th and 8th grade students reenacted Mary and Joseph's journey by visiting each classroom, knocking at the door, and being turned away. Each class joined in the procession after their room was visited, until the last stop, where Joseph and Mary were welcomed inside.
Following the procession, we gathered in Marian Hall for a celebration, where students took turns trying to break piñatas. During lunchtime, everyone enjoyed a sampling of delicious tamales prepared by the Coronado and Portes families. We look forward to continuing this tradition in 2022!
Posted by June LaPorta at 12:31 PM
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