Club Provides Creative Outlet for ICCS Middle School Geography Buffs

Middle school students with a special interest in the earth's surface and continents are expanding their knowledge while having fun in ICCS's Geography Club.  Moderated by middle school teacher Julie Sully, the club meets regularly and provides a creative outlet for students to learn while participating in fun, hands-on activities.

Earlier this month, club members learned the landscape of Australia using the World Atlas smart phone app, chalk and the school sidewalk. The assignment started in the classroom, where students received a blank map of Australia and Oceania and were asked to fill out bodies of water and Australian states.  They used the World Atlas app to name places in the area and labeled their own maps.  

From there, they moved outside and used chalk to recreate the maps on the school sidewalk. "The students were told not to focus on being perfect, but just getting the feel for how Australia looks, where things around it are, and the states within the continent," Sully said. "For their first try, they did wonderful, and they were excited and really enjoyed being outside."      

She added that club members will continue to meet over the remainder of the school year to complete other interactive activities to help the students retain the information they learn.  "By the end of the school year they will be able to map Australia and Oceania by heart." 

Pictured L-R: Geography Club members Maria Nygen, 7th grade and 6th graders Lily Anderson and Zoey Lifsey.  Photo courtesy of Julie Sully.                   

Posted by June LaPorta at 10:57 AM
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