ICCS Students Participate in May Crowning Ceremony

The entire ICCS student body and guests celebrated the May Crowning Ceremony led by Fr. Robert Marshall in the Cathedral on Wednesday, May 1.

One of the oldest Catholic traditions, the May Procession custom of placing a crown of fresh flowers on Mary's head reminds children that the Blessed Mother Mary, while not the redeemer, played an important role in salvation history and is the "queen of heaven."

Each year at ICCS, a senior girl who has demonstrated integrity and devotion to the faith of the Church is selected to lead the procession and place the crown on the Blessed Mother statue in the Cathedral. Attendants include two 8th-graders who are recent confirmands and two 2nd-graders who have prepared for their First Communion.
This year, senior Kaylee Sanchez placed the crown and was joined by 8th-grade attendants Dayana Torres and Jareth Sauceda and 2nd-graders Smith James and Mason Dress.
Posted by June LaPorta at 2:05 PM
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