Middle School Students Honor 'Unsung' Heroes on School Maintenance Staff. Featured: Ms. Deatrice Shata Bowie

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School 7th-graders recently paid tribute to the school and parish maintenance staff through a writing project called "Unsung Heroes."  The class chose to recognize the maintenance staff as part of their monthly Random Acts of Kindness program. Students collaboratively interviewed all six of the staff members and wrote a brief biography on each one, which will be published in a series in this news section.

By Jalyiah Driskill, Olivia Pipkin, Savannah Freeman, Aisha Boucher, Corianthia Morgan, Azaria Richmond

On October 26, 2016, we had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Deatrice Shata Bowie. She has worked at IC for about four months, and she does maintenance for the church, especially cleaning. She likes her job because she gets to meet a lot of people.

Ms. Deatrice was born and raised in Memphis and has three daughters: Amelia, Deneshia, and Aqeashia. They go to Kingsbury School and are involved in basketball, track and softball. Ms. Deatrice's favorite food when she was little was pizza; it still is today. She also enjoys Chinese sweet and sour. If she could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Las Vegas because she likes the city. She enjoys watching basketball, especially LeBron James, but does not play the sport. She used to run when she was younger. Ms. Bowie doesn’t have a hobby, but she wants to learn how to sew. She is inspired to make her own clothes and other items. Her hero is her mom who is a great role model. Her favorite family tradition is movie night with her daughters who love to watch animated movies. She would like to take them to Disney World someday.

Ms. Deatrice enjoys holidays with her family, especially Thanksgiving. She loves to get together with her parents, three brothers, and two sisters, and she also loves the food. She has a pit bull dog that she loves a lot. Ms. Deatrice loves being a mom, and is a nice person.  These are just a handful of things that we learned from the wonderful Ms. Deatrice --  and we would love to know more.


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