Middle School Students Recognized During Annual Pinning Ceremony

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School recognized 8th-graders at the Annual Middle School Pinning ceremony held in the Cathedral on Friday, Feb. 1.  The Pinning Ceremony is a formal occasion set aside to celebrate the accomplishments of 8th-grade students as they near completion of their Middle School years. 

Lead Middle School teacher Sarah Bowers welcomed students and guests and explained the signficance of the pin. "It is both a sign and a symbol of who we are, where we've been, and where we'd like to go," she said.  She also shared the meaning of the pin design: circular to represent God's everlasting love; gold to represent the kingship of Jesus, our Lord and Savior; and a blue stone at the center representing Mary, ICCS's patron saint. 

Staying true to the the decades-old tradition, students invited a family member, friend, or ICCS teacher who is a school alumnus to present their pin.

Posted by June LaPorta at 12:49 PM
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