Senior Spotlight: Jacquelin Morales

Senior Spotlight:  Jacquelin Morales.

Jacquelin has applied to Christian Brothers University and University of Memphis and will attend CBU this fall as a nursing major.

A member of the National Honor Society,  she has also served as the secretary and chaplain for the Student Government Association and is a member of the ICCS Cheer Team.

Jacquelin says ICCS's close-knit community and smaller class sizes make the ICCS experience special. "My favorite thing is the small environment. You know everybody and everybody knows you," she says. "There is no fear to talk to teachers about anything. They’re here for you as your IC sisters are as well."

In addition to helping her prepare for college, she also appreciates the spiritual and moral guidance ICCS provides. "ICCS has offered me great opportunities such as college prep classes, AP classes, and fun clubs to join. But I think ICCS has really taught me how to be a good person overall. The long service hours, advice and help from teachers, Mass every Friday -- all of this helps you to be a good-hearted person in the real world. I’m thankful for my IC sisters, teachers and staff, and everything ICCS has taught me over these four years."

Posted by June LaPorta at 11:30 AM
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