Third-graders Create Newspaper

Special from Mrs. Nancy Miller, ICCS Librarian:

"Back in late January, I told the students to come up with a Black History Month project. My only guideline was to have a completed product by the end of February.   Quickly, the students came up with lots of ideas.  We listed everything on a whiteboard; and they narrowed the ideas down and decided to make a newspaper. This is how the Wildcat Lively News! was born. The kids figured out all the details. Many students worked outside of class time (without being asked) to organize our jobs/tasks and develop strategies to get the work done. 
I honestly, wasn't sure how it would turn out. Would the students be able to work as a team, organize a plan, research, write, edit, design the layout, and finish within our deadline?  We had 4-5 hours!
We only meet 1 hour a week for Discovery/Library.  They were going to have to use time wisely to produce a newspaper worth sharing. Despite the unexpected snow and water boil days that did delay our publication, THEY DID IT!
Sidenote: I only typed up the work they turned in exactly as they instructed. Hopefully, this is an experience that the children will always remember."
Posted by June LaPorta at 1:44 PM
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