Three ICCS 8th-Graders Win Work of Art Contest

Three ICCS 8th-graders are winners in the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Work of Art Competition. Their work will be submitted to the CCHD office in Washington, DC for the national competition.  Annalise Henley won in the painting/drawing category (photo of work pictured); Abigail Henninger, won in the poetry category (poem below); and Vivian Eatmon was a winner in the writing/essay category (will be published soon).


"From the Depth," by Abigail Henninger

From the depth of the


To the waiting of people

Lines are always

around us

especially from

grocery lines to

Covid tests.

Despair has come but rebuilding

will rise.

We will remake

our society

and be glorious




Posted by June LaPorta at 1:03 PM
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