Schoolwide Scholarships

Please inquire in the Office of Admissions about scholarships for which your child might qualify.  All parents interested in applying for a scholarship for their child should complete our General Scholarship Application and return it to the Office of Admissions.  You may view and print the application here:  General Scholarship Application

Poje Family Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Poje are Cathedral parishioners who provide scholarship funds each year to benefit a student who otherwise would not be able to attend ICCS.

Endowment Scholarship Fund

These one-time scholarships are awarded annually to students who exhibit both financial need and meet grade point requirements of an average of B- or better. Students will be eligible to apply yearly and can be awarded the scholarship more than once.

Middle School Scholarships

Kearney Family Scholarship

This is a one-time scholarship given to a current ICCS 8th grade girl.  Preference is given to a student who has attended 1st through 8th grade at ICCS.  The recipient should exhibit high academic achievement and high moral character. Preference is given to a student whose parents and/or grandparents attended ICCS or are parishioners of the Cathedral.  The scholarship is not need-based.  Recipient will be chosen by administration in consultation with the Kearney family. There is no application or other paperwork required from the student.  The scholarship will be granted at an awards ceremony or graduation and, if possible, will be a surprise to the recipient and her family.

McEniry Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students who have demonstrated financial need and who exhibit good citizenship and academic achievement.

Scholar Award

This is a one-time gift provided by an anonymous donor for a rising 7th or 8th grade boy or girl who plans to continue at ICCS.  Preference will be given to a student who has attended ICCS K-6th or K-7th.  The recipient should have good attendance, exhibit high moral character and a strong academic work ethic. Preference will be given to a student whose parents and/or grandparents attended ICCS and/or are parishioners of the Cathedral. Recipient does not need to demonstrate financial need.  The recipient will be chosen by administration. There is no application or other paperwork required from the student. The scholarship will be granted at an awards ceremony.

Powelson Scholarship

This scholarship is a one-time gift and honors Richard and Delma Powelson and their service contributions to the Cathedral parish, ICCS, and their family.  Richard Powelson was a Permanent Deacon at the Cathedral for 24 years. The Powelson family has been deeply involved with the school and Cathedral since 1972, and many of the family’s 12 children attended ICCS and belong to the Cathedral parish today.  The Powelson Scholarship is intended for a student who has applied or is already attending ICCS. Preference is given to Cathedral parish families who demonstrate a financial need. The recipient should exhibit academic ability as measured by ITBS scores or by a screening test administered by an ICCS representative.  Applicants will complete the Powelson ICCS Scholarship Fund Elementary School Scholarship Application.  Several announcements will be made in the Wildcat Wire and the Cathedral weekly bulletin during the application process. A committee of school representatives will review the applications and choose the recipient.  The scholarship is typically granted and announced by the end of March.