Parent and Student Testimonials

From Parents

"We are excited to be a part of ICCS because of the close relationship the school has with the families.  Michaela and I have been part of the ICCS family since she was in Junior Kindergarten, and she loves her school." -- Malesa Jones, mother of Michaela Dean, rising 4th-grader, ICCS student since Junior Kindergarten
"Este es el cuarto año que somos parte de ICCS.  Nuestra aventura empezó en PK-3 y ahora estamos en 1er. grado. ¡Increíble pero real! Este año fue muy particular por la situación del COVID-19.  ICCS nos brindó la opción de estar en forma virtual o presencial.  En nuestro caso empezamos virtualmente y este último trimestre Liam está asistiendo en forma presencial. En ambos casos la enseñanza y la educación que recibió fue como lo esperábamos. Algunas de las cosas que podemos destacar de ICCS es la diversidad de los alumnos, la amabilidad de TODO el personal, y la contención de las maestras. ¡Estamos muy contentos de ser parte de ICCS!"  Virginia Carneiro, parent of Liam, 1st grade.
"It's a crazy time and I am so thankful for the distant learning that my daughter is receiving. I am not able to be at home during the day to help with the daily learning, and so I feel so fortunate to have such support from our teachers." Amy Coker, parent of Julie, 5th-grade.
"I see such a big difference in my child compared to when she attended her former school. She told me over the weekend, "Mom, I feel like I really belong at ICCS."  Mr. Grisanti and her homeroom helped celebrate her birthday in such a special way. She maade a scrap book of all the stickers and cards they hand made for her. Her self-esteem has even grown."  Charolette Hobson, parent of Charlize, 5th grade.
"Just wanted to say how appreciative we are to have Cole at ICCS!  Everyone has made the transition so easy for him and we were worried as he can be very shy at times. He is excited to go to school every morning! Thank you for making his experience great. We are so glad we made the decision to send him to ICCS." Tiffany Harrington, parent of Cole, Senior Kindergarten

From Graduates

"At ICCS, I was taught to be more responsible, to depend on myself for getting things done without having to be reminded by teachers. More is expected of you here, and this prepared me well for high school." Rosalinda Macario-Rivera, 8th-grade graduate.
"Going to ICCS was by far been one of the best decisions I have ever made. There is a loving and caring atmosphere at ICCS, unlike anywhere else I have seen. The teachers and education definitely prepared me for high school. ICCS was amazing!"  Vincent Levy, graduating 8th-grader, ICCS student since Pre-K4
"When I think of ICCS, I truly think of a second family. All of the faculty and staff are such an amazing group of reliable individuals who have your back. I have never been in such a welcoming and relaxed environment and don’t think I could find anything like it anywhere else." -- Abigail Bradley, 8th-grade graduate, ICCS student since Pre-K4.