Elementary, Grades 1-4

Elementary School is where the foundations of education are laid.

Elementary students at ICCS learn through a history-based, idea-oriented educational model that exposes students to the great minds of the past through literature, essays, philosophy, etc.

Our Programs

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Life Science
  • Class Science Fairs
  • Social Studies
  • Religion

  • Music
  • Visual Arts 
  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Latin (2nd grade and up)
  • Spanish

Why Classical Education?

Five Benefits of a Classical Education
  • Provides a Complete, Well-Rounded Education. The Renaissance period is noted for its revival of art and literature. 
  • Teaches Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving. 
  • Nurtures an Appreciation for the Arts.
  • Builds Individual Character and Confidence.
  • Celebrates Diversity.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School