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  • March

    Middle School Students Enjoy Learning Adventure in Smoky Mountains

    A group of our Middle School students and teachers spent the last three days at The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. While there, they explored the glow of quartz rocks, went on a two-mile geology hike, and were even able to see a waterfall and put their heads under. They also learned about how mountains are made and different types of rocks.

    This educational experience was made possible, in part, to generous donations to our school's "I Give Catholic" fundraiser last November. Thank you to all who support our students!
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  • ICCS Students Present Black History Program

    The ICCS community wrapped up a month-long celebration of Black History with an inspiring program in Marian Hall this morning featuring music, dance, and presentations on famous Black Americans. Thank-you to our guest singers and to the Rozelle Elementary School Dance and Repertory Group for beautiful performances, our ICCS students, and to ICCS teachers Mrs. Tamara Wilson and Mrs. Patrice Loggins for organizing a beautiful event enjoyed by all.
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  • February

    Students Begin Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday Mass

    June LaPorta
    ICCS students and faculty gathered in the beautiful Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception this morning for Ash Wednesday Mass and Imposition of Ashes. In his homily, Fr. Horst explained to students that Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Season of Lent, a time for us to grow closer to Jesus through prayer and sacrifice.
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  • School Steps and History

    Scott Lencke, ICCS Latin Teacher
    In one of the most well-known film scenes from the past few decades, Mr. Keating (played by Robin Williams) takes his students into the hallways of Welton Academy to catch a glimpse of the many students who have gone before them. Carpe diem ("seize the day"), as he goes on to tell them.Today, I took a similar journey with a couple of my Latin classes. I took them into the hallways and stairwells of Immaculate Conception Cathedral School (ICCS), and showed them some of the trophies displayed in the cases.We discovered a trophy from all the back to 1950! Pretty cool for a 3rd and 4th grader. Yet, ICCS actually began in 1922. The school has had many successful and well-known people attend through the decades, with some of the more prominent folk being Priscilla Presley and Margaret Scobey.This year, we have approx 160 students and, so, if we just kept things simple and said 160 students have attended each year over our 102 years of existence, we could estimate that thousands of students have walked these hallways. Thousands.Walking up stairs, filing through hallways, learning composition, cursive, Latin, reading classic novels, studying western history and culture, instilling the virtues of the Christian faith, and so much more. That is what we are attempting to do at ICCS. This is our endeavor to, in our own educational journey, seize the day (carpe diem). By God's grace, we shall.
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  • Principal Kadesha Gordon Featured on Channel 3's Live at 9

    On Feb. 1, the first day of Black History Month, ICCS Principal Kadesha Gordon was a guest on Channel 3's Live at 9 show with host Kontji Anthony. Among the topics discussed was Ms. Gordon's distinction as the first Black principal at ICCS. Ms. Gordon also shared information on the success of ICCS's Classical curriculum and the addition of a 2-year-old program for the 2024-25 school year.  Click here to view the interview.
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  • January

    ICCS Celebrates Catholic Schools Week with Fun Daily Themes

    ICCS kicked off Catholic Schools Week on Monday, Jan. 29, with students and teachers dressing up as their favorite book character. The theme coincided with the start of the campus Scholastic Book Fair, which will be open through Feb. 2. On Tuesday, Jan. 30, students and faculty celebrated the 100th day of the school year by dressing as 100-year-old men and women. Daily themes will continue with "dress wacky" day on Wednesday and  Grandparents/Family Day on Thursday. The weeklong celebration will culminate on Friday, when students, faculty, and staff will jerseys or T-shirts representing their favorite sports team. 
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