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  • November

    Elementary Students Have Thanksgiving Turkey Fun with Art Project

    These adorable turkeys didn't want to be caught for Thanksgiving! Turkeys in disguise Sk-2nd grade.
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  • ICCS 4th-Graders Hold Election

    Nov. 8 was also an Election Day at ICCS. To learn about the election process, 4th-graders planned, campaigned, and worked the polls for a Cat vs. Dog election. All Elementary students and teachers cast votes on Nov. 8.  It was a close race, but the canines prevailed.
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  • ICCS Middle School Celebrates All Saints Day

    June LaPorta
    In celebration of All Saints Day, ICCS 8th-graders created a "living museum," where younger students could learn more about saints.
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  • September

    ICCS Students Exchange Letters with Partner School in Argentina

    June LaPorta
    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, our 5th-graders made self-portraits and wrote letters in Spanish to their friends in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Our Spanish teacher Señora Javi is working in partnership with a 5th-grade teacher at Howard Garner School, Mar del Plata and will send the students' work to Argentina -- and their friends in Argentina will send them theirs!  Next up is a virtual meeting via Zoom.
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  • August

    ICCS 2nd-Grader Receives Diocese's First Super Student Award

    June LaPorta
    ICCS 2nd-grader Annaliese Fuchs is the first recipient of the Catholic Schools Office "Super Student Award." Joined by Catholic schools superintendent Nic Antoine, Channel 5 news anchor Joe Birch announced and presented the award to Annaliese at a student assembly in the Cathedral. Mr. Antoine explained that the award will be presented monthly to an outstanding Catholic school student, based on teacher or principal nominations. Second-grade teacher Joseph Beck said he nominated Annaliese for the Super Student Award based on her caring attitude toward her classmates' feelings and emotions that demonstrates our Catholic values and reflects Christ's love.
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