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Mercy Fund

The Mercy Fund consists of unrestricted or directed gifts that have an immediate and direct impact on our students and faculty.  Like most private schools, tuition at ICCS does not fully cover the cost to educate each student.  An annual fund, along with other fundraisers such as the Mardi Gras Dinner Auction and Fall Festival, makes it possible to keep tuition affordable for our families.  Unlike tuition and fees, donations to the Mercy Fund are tax deductible.

Choose How Your Gift is Used

Contributing to the Mercy Fund is the most direct way for you to support our school, and you may choose how your gift is used.  You may either designate your gift to where it is needed most, or you may direct it to one of the specific needs below.

Help pay tuition for the brother or sister of a sibling who is a St. Jude patient.

Each year, ICCS welcomes families who have traveled from another state or country so that their cancer-stricken child can receive life-saving treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. You may direct your gift to the scholarship fund to help cover tuition for that child's sibling(s) to attend ICCS during the family's stay in Memphis.

Designate your gift to help pay for ICCS teachers travel and course fees for professional development.

You can help our teaching staff stay on top of the most current trends in education that will help to ensure our students have the best classroom learning experience.

Additional Options

  • Athletics
  • Campus Spiritual Ministry
  • Financial Aid

The Significance of the Mercy Fund

When the Sisters of Mercy founded Immaculate Conception School in 1922, they did so to provide a school where young people would receive an excellent Catholic education and learn the values of service, morality, and integrity.  For nearly 100 years, Immaculate Conception Cathedral School has since been a symbol of opportunity and a place where students from diverse backgrounds come to discover and utilize their God-given strengths and gifts.

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